3d photobooths for sale. It would be cool to buy a photo booth like this.

If you scroll down about half way on the above web site you will come to this link


It is not exactly an item for sale, but it is unique in that he is selling a license.
…A photo booth developed by Steve Hines to produce a 3-dimensional color photo on large-format Polaroid film, and vend a souvenir photo frame with 3-D glasses. The booths are provided with 3-D camera, interior light, lighted sign, sample viewer, bill receptor, and a 3-D background which enhances the depth.

…The 3-D photo booths are ideal for theme parks, vacation areas, the beach, shopping malls, ball parks, etc. This is not a product for sale by HinesLab to end users, but rather 3-D technology being offered for license to photo-booth manufacturers.

One could easily take a remote control photo program and hook up two digital point and shoot cameras to it, download the two photos and have a program like photoshop create the blue/red interlaced photos.

Cool concept, but I don’t think it is that hard to do yourself.

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