What is America’s Photobooth Association anyways?

I am sometimes asked what is America’s Photobooth Association?  Basically it is a franchise that sells one type of photo booth called the Model 12 photobooth for around $12,000 I think. Maybe that’s where they got the 12 from?

 This franchise claims the following on its web site:

All members of the AMERICA’S PHOTOBOOTH ASSOCIATION ensure the highest
quality rentals that include:

  • The Model 12 PhotoBooth – the latest and best PhotoBooth in the world according to the
    thousands of users across the nation.
  • PhotoBooth that gives each guest choice of B/W or Color Strips
  • The highest quality mega-pixel photostrips in the industry.

The first statement is questionable; has there been a nationwide survey claiming such a following? Not to my knowledge. I’d say we put it on the ballot on Nov. 2, 2008. 🙂

Now the second statement sounds appealing at first, but actually makes guests wait longer in line. When you have a group of 3 people that go into a booth (which is very hard with a model 12 booth since they are only 2.5′ feet wide) and one one wants color and the other wants a black and white photo booth strip what do you think happens?  Well after talking about it for half a minute the line of people gets impatient and they finally settle on one or the other.  Making the wait in line even longer is the fact that this booth can only do 6 photos in a row. That means each session is 50% longer.  Net result is on average the booth only does 35 to 45 sessions per hour. So if you do rent one of these machines I’d highly recommend that you choose color or black and white photos, and keep the wait in line down and your guests happy.

The last issue to be addressed is the claim to the highest quality photo booth strips. Ask them to mail you some samples and then you can determine what you like would be my advice.

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