Where should we put the photobooth at our event?

Ever hear the old phrase, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Well nothing could be more applicable to photo booth rentals. Often times I hear really poor advice from sites like the following sentences:

  • “Photo booths are sometimes placed in the foyer of a venue, at the bottom of an elegant staircase. This works well if you cannot get the booth up the stairs to the reception hall. This location is often perfect because guests can snap their photos on their way in or out of the reception.” – http://www.photoboothrentalguide.com/

Sure guest will use it while coming or going, but the other 90% of the time it will sit virtually usused. Trust us on this one, if the booth is out of sight then it will not get used. The best place to have the booth is by the bar and near the dance floor. Ifa photobooth rental company tells you that it will be fine in the lobby than they are just trying to sell you a big booth that can’t be moved easily. Be an educated photo booth consumer!

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