Deceptive Advertising of Unlimited Photos with a Photobooth rental!

We get hundreds of inquiries every month and a lot of customers really do not understand what our competition means when they say unlimited photos with a photobooth rental.  Let’s get to the bottom of this deceptive practice. What photobooth companies should say is that you get unlimated USAGE of the photobooth during your rental period. Unlimited photos means just that, and there certainly is a limit my friends!  Ask a photobooth company if they can do 500 photos an hour and the answer will be no. But according to their ad of “unlimited photos” 500 photos per hour is certainly a valid numer of photos to do per hour.  Now 500 photos an hour might sound ridiculous, but how about half that amount, say 250 photos per hour? There are some photobooth companies that can do 250 photos per hour and advertise unlimited photos on their web site.  However when first time shoppers hear 250 photos per hour they assume 250 different groups can go into the photo booth and get thier photos done in one hour. This is not the case at all. Most photobooth’s take four photos in a row so if the machine does 250 photos per hour you divide that number by 4 to get the number of sessions per hour which will come out to be around 63 sessions per hour. So educate your self on photobooth rates and get a great deal on a photobooth at your next event.

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