How to Use a Photo Booth at a Wedding Reception

 The above article discusses how to use a photobooth at your wedding reception.  I love do it yourself articles because they get people to be creative and I always enjoy a challenge.  However this article is seriously lacking in direction. 

“Set up your own photo booth by stringing a clothesline between nearby trees or poles. Attach curtain clips to the top of a large piece of fabric in a color that complements your wedding color scheme, and string the clip loops onto the clothesline. If there’s a free wall available, you could just nail the cloth onto the wall. ”

Serioulsy there ‘s never going to be nearby trees or poles at a reception, unless you planted them there 20 years in advance 🙂

This web site has several other articles on photobooths, but unfortunately their how to expertise is sadly very vague and lacking.

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