What’s the Best button or switch to use with my photobooth?


So you are thinking of staring up your own Photobooth Rental company?

You’ll need a way to let users trigger the software to start up the booth.

Many beginners unfortunately use the Griffin PowerMate available here:
Unfortnately this product simply does not work reliably. It often works, but for some reason it will stop working and frustrated guests will push it really hard which unfortunately doesn’t make it work better. This is not a single bad experience of mine, I bought 15 of these units and have had issues with many of them.

A much more relialbe product is the stealth switch
You can even put it on the floor for guests to step on to activate the photo sequence. The software that comes with the unit is a bit outdated, but you can download the newest software from there web site.

And then there is Happ Controllers http://www.happcontrols.com/pushbuttons/ilumn1.htm

Instrutions for using these with a windows computer can be found here:  http://photoboof.com/downloads/files/Installation%20&%20Usage%20Notes.html#Triggers

Sincerely, Rolland Elliott

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