Most over done Photobooth Pose…. The winner is tounge in the ear!

So I’ve been renting photobooths for a while and after some time you start to see reoccuring themes like people picking their nose, people mooning the camera, but by far the most over done pose has to do with people sticking their tounge in other people’s ears. Check out this sample photo below:

Photobooth rental tounge in ear

Why do people do this? I don’t know! Everyone I’ve ever known hates it when other people stick their tounge in their ears.  I grabbed this photo off the flickr photobooth group by the way. They literally have 2875 photobooth images that you can browse as of 1/8/08.  So browse through them, get some inspiration and please people, do not go around sticking your tounge in your friend’s ears!

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