MTV’s own photobooth book

From Publishers Weekly
What do Adam Sandler, Kid Rock, Queen Latifah and Janet Reno have in common? Nothing substantial, surely-but they all appear here in MTV’s novelty book of celebrity snapshots. With over 200 luminaries, not to mention “5 nosepickings, 2 nipples, and one bare ass,” this goofy collection comprises hundreds of pictures and (with the exception of captions) not a lick of text. The four-panel strips-of the Stone Temple Pilots looking silly, Carmen Electra looking sultry and Method Man looking stoned-come from the MTV studios, where, while lounging in the green room in preparation for a television appearance, the famous and infamous ducked inside the titular photobooth for a few informal pics. The format, though initially appealing, grows monotonous; celebrities are largely distinguished by whether they make funny faces (Sheryl Crow, Eminem, Milla Jovovich, Chris Rock) or not (Snoop Dogg, Vin Diesel, Mary J. Blige, Sam Donaldson). No doubt this volume will provide many adolescents and early post-adolescents with a solid half-hour of pleasure; after that, it’s unlikely to be opened again. FYI: This is the first installment of the MTV Overground series, which is a collaboration between Universe and MTV; the next volume, according to the publicity material, will feature “the most rad skateboard designs rolling.”

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