Free Software code to run your photo booth.

Before you use this free software code there are a couple of things you need to download and configure on your computer.

First you need to download the program and install it on your PC.  It’s free and cool 🙂  The next thing you want to do is set the resolution on your computer to 1024×768. The FREE code uses a mouse click to activate the sequence and it is important the resolution be set correctly for the click to occur at the right spot. In windows XP simply right click on the desktop, choose properties and then click on the settings tab. Use the slider to change the resolution to 1024×768. In Vista right click on your desktop and choose Personalize then choose the bottom option window settings to set the resolution.

Below is the code necessary to run the booth. Copy all of it and paste it into a notepad text file, and choose File–>Save As. When saving it be sure to Select save as type ALL FILES and add the extention .ahk so that it will be opened by autohotkeys. For example a good file name to use would be script.ahk

Loop, 4
MouseClick, left,332,715
Sleep, 6000

So what does all this code mean anyways?  Well all of the lines that end wtih double colons are just telling your PC that pressing any of those keys on the USB number pad will activate the photo sequence. The last five lines tell the PC to take four pictures in a row with 6 seconds between the photos using the next version of snapstrip will have a visual 3-2-1 count down display so if you are using the program in a noisy environment there will be a visual count down.

 So there you go. Just have people step into your booth press any key on your usb number pad and the booth will snap four photos in a row!

 But what about printing out the photos? Well that is why you have a computer outside the booth.  Open up the program thumbsplus
Go to the My pictures directory which is where all the photos are saved to by default. If you want to change this location you can under the OPTIONS section of snapstrip.

Hit Ctrl+A on your keyboard and you’ll have a screen that looks like this
Photo booth software program
Now simply hit Ctrl+P and the print dialog box will come up.
Photo booth software free and cool

Lets go over the settings. First you have to create a custom print size. Do this by simply clicking on the drop down arrow in the size box and choosing custom. Then enter a size of 1.5×2″ and click ADD and then OK. Next make sure your printer’s properties are set to boarderless printing. Choose 8 images per page, expand and crop and check both the auto rotate and auto crop boxes. Set image copies to 2 and before you hit print make sure you SAVE the entire layout by typing in a name at the top of the box like DOUBLE STRIP as shown in this example so you can pull it up easily again in the future. This program has the ability to batch print the color photos in black and white, but that is a topic for a future post.

Once the images are done printing you can simply move the images to a new folder in Thumbs plus.

I know what you are thinking? Isn’t there a way to automatically have the computer batch print the files after every session and there is but that will be available in a paid version of the script latter on.

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  1. Diego says:

    Is the paid version of this script to autoprint available? If so how much. Thanks

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