Lake Wylie Nail Salon

July 4th, 2012

Want a great place to get your manicure nails done? How about a pedicure?

Lake Wylie Nail Salon in South Carolina is a great place to go to

Make your photobooth pictures look extra nice!

Using computer monitors that you can see outside

August 24th, 2009

One of the problems with renting a photobooth outside is that the computer monitors are very difficutl to see in the direct sunlight. There are companies that make specialized outdoor monitors for 20x the cost of a regular monitor.
For example a normal 19″ monitor that is on sale for $100 would probably cost $2000 for an outdoor viewable monitor.

 There are reasonably priced alterantives though. Fujitsu and Motion computing both offer tablet PC’s that can easily be viewed outside. These tablets can be bought used for $100 to $300 in price. Unfortunatley the largest size they come in is about 12″.

Fujitsu makes many models some of them are as follows:



st4121  around $100

ST5022 1.1ghz around $300


ST4010 $300

Often times these older tablets can be missing parts or accessories which can be bought from
Fujitsu by calling their sales number 1 877-299-5445.

Motion Computing also has tablet PC’s that can be viewed outside. Unfortunately for photobooth usage their tablets come in both outdoor and INDOOR ONLY configurations, so you need to double check what you are getting for your photobooth.

M1300, M1400, M1600, and M1700 are the most common. The last two use smaller hard to find 1.8″ hard drives though.

 Lastly there are many other tablet pc’s that are outdoor viewable. Panasonic makes a line called the toughbook. Models that can be viewed outside include the 19, 74, cf-74,w2 and H1.

 All of this information is based on web research. I have not actually used one of these displays in my photobooth yet.

Megapixel III printer

January 26th, 2009

The Megapixel III printer is made by a Japaneese company and was primarily used in Olympus Kiosk Print stations in department stores like Meijer’s.  It is also rebranded under the Pixel magic brand name. The Machine is similar to Mitsibushi’s cp-8000dw dye sublimation printer in shape and form but is slightly heavier given that it can hold a roll of paper that is 400 sheets long (4×6″ size). While small the printer is extremely heavy at around 45 pounds.

The printer has a very odd native resolution of 334×600 pixels. All other dye sublimation printers have a square proportion about 300×300 pixels. Due to this odd resolution this printer has issues with many software packages. Since the resolution is twice as much along the width photos will be stretched out when printed. This can only be solved by using special software, other wise most programs like will distort the printed images making it useless for photobooth rentals.

PhotoMe Chemical Booth Clearance on ebay

January 1st, 2009

photobooth rentalCharlotte Photobooth

The booths are priced cheaply according to their normal rates, but who wants to lug around a machine that weighs over 900 pounds?

 Create immediate fun in your place of business! Our classic photobooth uses proven 50 year old technology that ensures the booth will work efficiently and produce ID-quality color photographs. Photo-Me’s classic booth develops a strip of four photos. The strips are delivered quickly, between 1½ and 3 minutes. Photos from our classic booth are high quality and suitable for passports, driving licenses, student cards, ski passes, travel passes, and tax ID’s. The booth is fitted with illuminated panels to stand out wherever it is located. Available in old fashioned black & white or color photos. Photo-Me is the world’s most widely recognized name in automatic photography, offering customers excellent value for the money!

What should I know about owning a Classic PhotoBooth ? Owning a Classic PhotoBooth is owning a unique piece of American History! The Classic PhotoBooth uses chemicals and because it is all electro-mechanical will need a bit more maintenance than a digital machine. With proper service, Classic PhotoBooths last and run well for long periods of time.

What is the shelf life of chemicals and film needed for the classic PhotoBooth machine? The shelf life is 5 years (please store in the proper conditions listed on the box)

Can the Classic PhotoBooth produce a second copy of the same print? No, the process is direct to the film and the picture being created is one of kind.

What kind of power requirement are needed for the Classic PhotoBooth? A basic 115 Volt 15amp outlet is all you need.

Dimensions: 60”l x 35”w x 87h” Footprint: 14.58 sq. ft. Power: Standard 110v or 220v 15 amp dedicated circuit, CE approved Materials:

Weight: 924 lbs

Multiple machines to choose from. Great Condition. Multiple booth colors and types available.

Don’t buy a used photo machine from someone unfamiliar with the business. Here you can buy directly from the original source. Call us today for more information. Paper and chemicals also available now at 866-PHOTO-ME (866-746-8663) Buyer to pay for all shipping costs.

free “apple photo booth” software for your PC

October 5th, 2008

So PC users have long been jealous of mac users and their free photobooth sofware that comes with their operating system. However, now PC users can get similar photo booth software for use in mobile photobooths or just for fun from the web site above. Like any thing free there is a hook.  You need to sign up for some kind of internet based business like “emusic” or some other “free” service” just cancel before they bill your credit card. Now wouldn’t it be fun to use the distorted photobooth effects at a party or social event. I can see the “cone head” effect being used at the next star trek convention.

Suggested poses for a photobooth rental

September 5th, 2008


BY TED TRAVELSTEAD and his web site:

(a) Big ol’ cheesy smile

(b) “I am not a crook” face with double peace sign

(c) Doin’ the funky chicken

– – – –

(a) Sticking tongue out

(b) Wearing fuzzy top hat, giving thumbs-up

(c) Showing off your rare fourth nipple

– – – –

(a) Hands on pretend steering wheel

(b) Cheerfully letting in a pretend hitchhiker

(c) Being held at pretend knifepoint while not pretending to soil yourself

– – – –

(a) “May I take your order?” with imaginary pad and pen in hand

(b) Preparing an imaginary tableside Caesar salad

(c) Performing the Heimlich on an imaginary portly hedge-fund manager

– – – –

(a) Naked and covered in fudge

(b) Bewildered by flash, naked, and covered in fudge

(c) Tongue-bathing self in a panic after waking up from self-hypnosis tape

– – – –

(a) Showing off your stylish summer cape with a flourish

(b) You, a fashionable blurry twirling dervish

(c) Wiping your breakfast off wall with summer cape

– – – –

(a) Cowboy hat, hands on pretend gun belt showdown-style

(b) A tip of the hat to the pretty ladies as they stroll past the saloon

(c) Cutting open and crawling inside your dead horse to avoid freezing to death in the icy blasts of 40-below gale-force prairie winds

– – – –

(a) Arm in arm, with your fiancée, as she holds up her new engagement ring

(b) Bickering politely over what the next pose should be

(c) Peeking from the closet at your wife of many years, who smiles through tear-filled eyes as she desperately tries to please you by “gettin’ it on” with your burly neighbor, Kurtis

– – – –

(a) Peacocking for the paparazzi on the red carpet at the premiere of your cinematic masterpiece

(b) Smoking a cigarette nonchalantly by the pool while half-listening to an eager interviewer

(c) Sweating profusely, cheap black hair dye running from your graying temples, as you desperately plead for a walk-on role in a C-movie about a ghost clown so you can afford one more week in a seedy North Hollywood motel

– – – –

(a) You are a child again, running free in a field of swaying grass, not a care in the world

(b) Cradling a huge and garishly colored snow cone at the neighborhood pool’s snack bar, your tongue a multiflavored rainbow-hued palette

(c) Clutching your aching stomach and flipping the light switch on and off continuously while trying not to think of your parents’ impending divorce

– – – –

(a) Standing on the pitcher’s mound, glove and ball to chest, coolly staring down the league’s MVP

(b) Riding high, on the shoulders of your teammates, after pitching your third no-hitter

(c) Sitting next to your walker, under a state-fair tent, shoulder throbbing like the dickens, signing “souvenir game balls” for $4 a pop

– – – –

(a) Sword held high, standing your ground against a ferocious lava-drooling dragon

(b) Hoisting the dragon’s head triumphantly skyward, as the just-saved princess clutches your armor-clad legs

(c) Shaking the family dachshund upside down so it doesn’t choke on your 12-sided die that it just gobbled up

– – – –

(a) Fedora cocked rakishly, .38 snubnose under your coat, you lean back in your desk chair as the femme fatale’s shadow falls across the frosted glass of your office door

(b) You pour her a shot of rye to soothe her frayed nerves, and top off your third double of the day, as she dishes out her tale of woe

(c) “It’s not fair!” you cry out in a high-pitched voice as the judge sentences you to a six-month stint for unlawful possession of a firearm and impersonating an officer of the law

– – – –

Review photobooth artist

September 5th, 2008

 Well every artist has to have their medium and for Daniell Minnick, it seems to be the photobooth itself. Interesting work in the above two web sites. Check it out and if you want to rent a photobooth from us please check our our main web site!

For a Quarter

September 5th, 2008


The article below was taken from Smithstonian.

The below link contains a video that is great. It shows how the insides of an old photobooth look like an a little on how they work.
Below is an article about the author and is also an interesting read.

Reprinted from American Photobooth (c) Näkki Goranin. With permission of the publisher, W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.

Do you have an image taken in a photobooth that you would like to share? Mail to Share Your Photobooth Picture!

Nakki Goranin and I squeeze into a cramped photobooth in a Vermont shopping mall and practice our expressions. Goranin, a veteran, tries out some wacky poses, sticking her tongue out and squinting at the lens. I’m a bit more inhibited and, as the camera clicks off four shots, stick with a bemused smile. A minute later, the machine spits out a photo strip.

“I love them,” says Goranin of the photos. “They’re the real Nakki.” Goranin, who lives in Burlington and has just published an illustrated history of the machine, American Photobooth, asks me to sign and date the back of the strip, just as she did in the late 1960s growing up in Chicago and sharing photobooth photos with her friends.

The routine is familiar to the generations of Americans who documented everyday moments by jumping inside a booth and popping a quarter into the slot. Still, Goranin doesn’t much care for the mall’s machine, which is digital—the print quality is not what it used to be. But, she says, there are only about 250 authentic chemical booths left in the United States, and she knows of none available to the public in Vermont.

As Goranin, a photographer and self-described romantic, sees it, photo strips tell the story of 20th-century American history from the ground up. The images in her new book, culled from thousands she has collected at auctions, flea markets and antiques stores, show down-at-the-heels farmers in overalls, wartime sweethearts and 1950s boys with greased hair and ducktails. She points out a photo of a World War II-era couple kissing passionately. “Day before he left,” the notation reads.

Before the photobooth first appeared, in the 1920s, most portraits were made in studios. The new, inexpensive process made photography accessible to everyone. “For 25 cents people could go and get some memory of who they were, of a special occasion, of a first date, an anniversary, a graduation,” Goranin says. “For many people, those were the only photos of themselves that they had.”

Because there is no photographer to intimidate, photobooth subjects tend to be much less self-conscious. The result—a young boy embracing his mother or teenagers sneaking a first kiss—is often exceptionally intimate. “It’s like a theater that’s just you and the lens,” Goranin says. “And you can be anyone you want to be.”

Goranin’s photobooth obsession began after her mother died in 1999. She needed to continue her photography, but couldn’t focus on her work or bring herself to go back into the darkroom. Frequenting photobooths was the answer, she says. After a while, Goranin got the idea to publish her collection of self-portraits—now part of the permanent collection of the International Center for Photography in New York City—along with a brief history of the machine. But she was surprised by the dearth of information about the machine’s origins or development; she set off from her cozy white Vermont house to see what she could discover for herself. That was nine years ago.

Goranin pored through microfilm of old newspapers. She drove back and forth across the United States and Canada interviewing anyone connected with the business that she could track down. When she telephoned the son of a long-dead early photobooth operator, she learned that only the day before, he had thrown away a trove of vintage photographs and business records. Goranin persuaded him to climb into a Dumpster to retrieve the items. Goranin even bought her own fully functioning 1960s-era photobooth and is now restoring two others that she also purchased.

The history she eventually put together chronicles the rapid rise and remarkable longevity of the machine. In the 1920s, an enterprising Siberian immigrant named Anatol Josepho perfected a fully automated process that produced a positive image on paper, eliminating the need not only for negatives but for operators as well. His “Photomaton” studio, which opened in 1926 on Broadway in New York City, was an immediate hit. Crowds lined up to pay 25 cents for a strip of eight photos. Within a few years, photobooths could be found from Paris to Shanghai.

Even amid the worldwide depression of the 1930s, the photobooth continued to grow. Entrepreneurs who couldn’t afford to buy the real thing built their own versions, some out of wood, then hid a photographer in the back who shot and developed the pictures and slipped them through a slot. The unsuspecting subjects were none the wiser.

By mid-century, photobooths were ubiquitous. Jack and Jackie Kennedy stepped into one in the 1950s. Yoko Ono and John Lennon included a reproduction strip with their 1969 recording, “Wedding Album.” In the 1960s, Andy Warhol shuttled models with rolls of quarters from booth to booth in New York City. A 1965 Time magazine cover features Warhol’s photobooth portraits of “Today’s Teen-Agers.”

These days digital photobooths, which became available in the 1990s, let users add novelty messages and backgrounds and delete and retake shots. Allen Weisberg, president of Apple Industries, which has manufactured digital booths since 2001, says digital photobooth sales continue to grow. “Photobooths have made a tremendous resurgence,” he says. “It’s like apple pie and baseball. It’s part of our heritage.” The digital booths are being used in new ways. Lately, a number of companies have popped up offering rentals of lightweight, portable photobooths for use at weddings and parties.

But Goranin and other purists long for the real McCoy with its distinctive smell, clanking machinery and the fraught anticipation that comes with waiting for the photos to appear. A Web site,, documents the locations of a dwindling number of these mechanical dinosaurs.

“The old chemistry booths, which I love, are becoming harder and harder to find,” says Goranin. “But the [digital] booth is still a fun experience. You still get great photos. You still have a wonderful time in them. You still have the old-fashioned curtains that you can draw and that sense of mystery.” Goranin smiles. “There’s nothing in the world like a photobooth.”

Kenneth R. Fletcher last wrote about Richard Misrach’s beach images.

Best Photobooth rental pictures in the world

August 15th, 2008

Supposedly Ellen takes the best photo booth rental pictures in the world. Check it out and let me know if you agree.

Should you purchase liability insurance 4 your photo booth rental?

August 15th, 2008

I’ve been in the wedding business a very long time and I’ve yet to hear any photobooths needing a liability insurance claim. But who knows truth is actually stranger than fiction sometimes.  If you are going to rent an older historical venue for your wedding reception be aware that competitors that rent out the vintage booths that literally weight 700 pounds can cause damage to delicate wood or marble floors.  Makes sure the company you rent from has a standard one million dollar liability coverage so if anything does go wrong you can’t be held liable. review

August 15th, 2008

In reviewing photobooth companies you’ll find that few offer the number of options that does. We can make custom layouts, add text to the photo strips and also do double sided photo strips. You could have an engagement photo on one side and a thank you note below or on the other side. You could also have a custom intials on one side and custom colors to match your wedding day colors. If you review rentphotobooths web site you will also see we offer the prints in a variety of sizes. We are the only photobooth company in the nation that can do Poster size 8″x48″ long photostrips using the fastest photo printer in the world, the Kodak ML-500. Thanks for taking the time to review!

Another photobooth mall prank, pretty cute

August 6th, 2008

FunnyFunny Videos

Photo-Me USA is sold due to poor performance

August 6th, 2008

Photo-Me shares surge on sale of US vending unit

Mon Jul 21, 2008 5:43am EDT

LONDON, July 21 (Reuters) – Britain’s Photo-Me International (PHTM.L: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) added more than ten percent to its market value on Monday, after it sold its loss-making U.S. vending business.

Photo-Me, which operates about 21,000 photo booths in railway stations, airports and shopping centres, said the sale of Auto Photo Systems Inc and its unit, Photo-Me USA LLC., would yield a small exceptional profit.

Photo-Me shares gained 13 percent to 13.25 pence at 0928 GMT, valuing the entire firm at about 48 million pounds.

No financial details were provided, but Photo-Me said the U.S. business, which operated 250 photobooths, or about 1 percent of its group total, made a pre-tax loss of 700,000 pounds ($1.39 million) on revenues of 1.2 million pounds in the fiscal year just ended.

Jean-Claude Perrottey, a former employee of Photo-Me, bought the business, the company said.

“The USA has always been a limited market for ID photography and US vending has tended to be loss-making in recent years,” Photo-Me said in the statement.

“The disposal is part of Photo-Me’s strategy to divest of small, remote and loss-making businesses and to focus on development and diversification of its well-established businesses.

“The USA remains an important market for Photo-Me’s equipment sales activities.” (Reporting by Hsu Chuang Khoo; Editing by David Cowell)

 This is pretty significant news in the photobooth world. I wonder what will happen to those 250 booths out there?  Maybe they will have some good deals on close out photo booths for sale?

Photobooth software

July 29th, 2008

So you are looking to buy photobooth software?  You think it would be easy to saw up wood and make your own home made photobooth?  The process is not hard, but getting everything to work correctly from the photobooth software to the booth itself is no small feat.

 In the amount of time it takes one to buy photobooth sofware, construct a booth and then market your services you could just have easily bought a photobooth for sale from  Our photobooth sofware is easy to use and our booths are light weight and portable.

 check out our photobooth software and booths and give us a call if you have any questions.

Photobooth for sale

July 21st, 2008

If you are looking for a photobooth for sale you might want to rethink about buying a booth from photome. According to the news article below the company’s photoboth division is is serious trouble.  To make the matter worse many of photome’s newer digital photobooths use propritary printers who’s media can only be purchased via photo me at inflated prices.  Their business model is great for them because they get a continual sale of paper for the booths. Unfortunately if the company goes under so does the availability of the photo paper. Effectively turning your $8000 photobooth into a paper weight.

Consider buying a photobooth for sale from

We offer the lightests booths in the industry and all our software and printers are open source so you are free to modify them and get your supplies where you want.

 Article is below.

Photo-Me sees return to profit growth next year  By Paul Sandle

LONDON, July 10 (Reuters) – Britain’s Photo-Me International (PHTM.L: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) said it would return to profit growth next year after a writedown in the value of its digital photo-booths plunged it to its first loss for five years.

“In the current year, we will concentrate on stability, consolidation and restructuring”, Chief Executive Thierry Barel told Reuters on Thursday. “After this year, we are heading for one-digit solid profitable growth.”

The company’s shares, which have lost 84 percent of their value over the last 12 months, fell a further 6 percent at 12 pence by 1115 GMT.

Photo-Me, which operates about 21,000 photo booths in railway stations, airports and shopping centres, posted a pretax loss of 21.6 million pounds ($42.8 million) for the year to April 30, against a 15.7 million pound profit in the prior year.

Excluding the costs of restructuring and cutting the lifespan of its first-generation digital photo booths from eight years to five, the loss was 1.9 million, he said. Analysts had expected a loss of 3.7 million, according to Reuters Estimates.

Analyst Roger Hardman at Hardman & Co said earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation of 35.8 million pounds met expectations.

“The results were just what we were looking for,” said. “The photo-booth business just throws off money.”

But in terms of strategy, the big issue is what to do on the manufacturing side which made a 7.8 million pounds loss before exceptionals, he said. “It’s going to be another rough year; they will lose money in the current year on manufacturing.”

Barel, who became CEO in December, said he was looking at leveraging synergies between the manufacturing and vending units as part of his diversification strategy.

He had considered selling the core vending business, which is suffering as passport agencies move to centralised biometric data collection, but the board had received no acceptable offers.

“There is a risk of further deterioration in photo booths,” he said. “We decided to accelerate diversification to depend less and less on photo booths.”

He is building on the group’s strong long-term relationship with its key customers, such as retailers and transport operators, and on its cash-collection experience, to expand operations.

“One of the first drivers will be kiosks, which sell move and music downloads and ringtones,” he said. “Studies show in the next three years, the kiosk market will grow by 55 percent.”

The strategy has the support of three major shareholders — previously ousted CEO Serge Crasnianski and former directors Dan David and Phillippe Wahl — who together hold more than 40 percent of the stock, he said.

“Many of the ideas of the new strategy are shared by them,” he said.

Restructuring costs pushed net debt up to 45.5 million pounds, and Barel said one of his main objectives is reducing this number. “In the past we have been able to go back to a net cash position in less than two years,” he said. (Editing by David Cowell)

Ellen Degenerous New photo booth ads

June 22nd, 2008

check out 43 seconds into the commercial/movie. Seems like Ellen’s “People” have photobooth strips pasted all over their office. Very cute commercial.

3d photobooths for sale. It would be cool to buy a photo booth like this.

June 2nd, 2008
If you scroll down about half way on the above web site you will come to this link

It is not exactly an item for sale, but it is unique in that he is selling a license.
…A photo booth developed by Steve Hines to produce a 3-dimensional color photo on large-format Polaroid film, and vend a souvenir photo frame with 3-D glasses. The booths are provided with 3-D camera, interior light, lighted sign, sample viewer, bill receptor, and a 3-D background which enhances the depth.

…The 3-D photo booths are ideal for theme parks, vacation areas, the beach, shopping malls, ball parks, etc. This is not a product for sale by HinesLab to end users, but rather 3-D technology being offered for license to photo-booth manufacturers.

One could easily take a remote control photo program and hook up two digital point and shoot cameras to it, download the two photos and have a program like photoshop create the blue/red interlaced photos.

Cool concept, but I don’t think it is that hard to do yourself.

Why buy a photobooth for $8000 when you can get one for half the price?

May 25th, 2008

Who doesn’t like saving a bit of money and while this photobooth is certainly cool looking at $8000 it is close to double the cost of the fabulous ones we sell at

buy photobooth

Buy a mobile photobooth, or buy photoboooths that are stationary

May 25th, 2008

If you are looking to buy a photobooth you have stumbled across the right web page. Photobooth sales our are specialty and we can do everything from a micro sized booth that takes up a mere 4×2′ floor space to some of the largest booths in the industry.  So when you want to buy a photobooth look no future than our sales tab.

Rent Photobooths on Tour with Nylon Magazine

May 25th, 2008

We’re proud to be the creators of the superbooth! A mobile photobooth that’s on the Nylon Magzine music tour. Check out some of the pictures above and then you can buy your own photobooth from us.

Cute bookmarks for your photo booth rental

March 12th, 2008

type in search term bookmarks and you’ll get four results. The bottom item described as

2 11/16″ x 8 1/4″ (bookmarks)
Hanging Soft Vinyl Sleeves
• Hanging Bookmark Sleeves

 are perfect for our 2×8″ photo strips and are relatively inexpensive at $18 for one hundred.

One of our clients, Johanna, gave us this great tip:  I’m going to put a black piece of paper in each one and cut the triangle off the top of half of them, and attach adhesive magnets to the back.  The other half, I’m attaching a little tag with string through the hole on the top. 

Great Inexpensive Power supply for your flash and Canon Powershot camera

March 12th, 2008

I ran across this great photobooth accessory:

It says the Ac adapter is for Canon s30/s40 cameras but it works great with the canon power shot cameras as well.  In addition if you are good at electronics you could wire this up to power a hot shoe flash like the Canon 550ex or 580ex flash by using a quantum battery pack adapter for around $6 at

Of course you can always get your photo booth rental from us if you find messing around with electronics to be a shocking experience. photo booth

Nation wide photo booth rentals.

February 22nd, 2008

Here’s one more photo booth rental web site that trys to link up vendors with people looking for photo booths on a nation wide level.

Just click on the above link and see what kind of great deals you can find? On second thought you’re already at the coolest photo booth rental web site, so why not just call us and get your photo booth taken care of?

Photo booth magnets offer cool photo booth rental ideas.

February 22nd, 2008

photo booth rental magnets

photo booth magnets

Well the link is above and while this particular photo booth magnet company promotes these as thank you cards, they are actually pretty cool layouts that we will soon be offering when we rent out our photo booths.  Photo booth rentals have never looked so gooooood. 

Another Unique photobooth layout it’s hip to be square.

February 21st, 2008

photo booth rental

I found this unique photo-booth layout on this web site Looks like a very cool idea for a party.

Superhero’s make mistakes too

February 21st, 2008

Wow what an inspring photobooth story. Go for your dreams, is the moral. Hope you like it too:

wedding photobooth rental

East Coast Photo Booth Review

February 21st, 2008

With a thousand ways to capture a moment, what has kept photo booths from extinction? Digital cameras and camera phones offer instant results, but only the curtained booth offers protection and solace from the outside world. Regardless of being situated in the most public of venues, the actual images are taken in an intimate arrangement. Kept company only by an adjustable seat, the subject is at the mercy of a timed flash. The situation reeks of vulnerability and yet the resulting images offer little more than a hint of the individual’s facade.

Early photo booths became popular after World War I. They produced tintypes, cheap images that were popular despite their rustic and antiquated appearance. In 1925, a Socialist Siberian immigrant took the process to a new level by introducing the “Photomaton.” Anatol Josepho’s machine produced eight photographs within eight minutes. The first booth was in his studio at Broadway and 51st Street in New York City. Within two years, a group of businessmen purchased the rights for the equivalent of $10 million in today’s currency, with the intent to establish 70 similar studios on the East Coast.
The first wave of machines had attendants standing by to ease participants through the process. Each strip followed the same arc – the subject looked straight, left, right, straight. As time went on, the assistants disappeared and the shots became more informal. During World War II, the pictures became a popular means of communication between estranged soldiers and their sweethearts. By the 1960s, the pictures extended their reach into the art world. For example, Andy Warhol enlarged the images of celebrities of the era and used the portraits in his artwork.

The introduction of the personal camera, particularly by Polaroid, challenged the photo booth’s stronghold on portrait shots. Although the number of old-school black and white booths has dwindled throughout the years, they can still be found in the most unusual of places. For example, the Paris metro line boasts over 600 booths. Modernized booths, offering a color strip of four with borders or as individual stickers, can be found in the food courts of malls across America.

Forget about sticker booths and machines that sketch your portrait while you wait. When you want a novel way to capture a night on the town, make sure to plot your route around a photo booth. Luckily, some of the best booths on the East Coast are just a hop, skip and jump away from campus.

108 Avenue B. (at 7th)
NYC Bar, 21+

Appearances can be deceiving, but don’t let the corner of 7th Avenue and Avenue B trick you into thinking it’s a typical NYC bar. Like many of the bar’s attendants, 7b is simply a townie-bar stuck in the big city. Nestled among small mom-and-pop grocery shops and laundry mats, 7b lacks the glamour associated with the local scene. Fluorescent signs for different alcohol brands are perched haphazardly in the windows. The bar has more nicks than if the interior looks familiar, the feeling isn’t merely deja vu. 7b appeared in Crocodile Dundee, Scarface, and The Color of Money. The photo booth is located in the rear of the bar, beside a staircase. The back area is also used for discarded cardboard containers and trash bags so tread carefully. The machine has a 12 button display which lights up according to how much money is inserted. Since the slot accepts dollars instead of quarters, the lights turn on four at a time. Don’t let the shine distract you from settling into position before the first snap of the flash! The pictures print out within minutes, without any distortion. A strip of four is $3.

Otto’s Shrunken Head
538 E. 14th St. (Between Avenue A & B)
NYC Bar, 21+

For those who missed out on an island adventure over break, Otto’s promises a night of tiki-lounge pleasure. It’s a hidden treasure on 14th Street, blending in with the take-out joints and storefronts. The photo booth is located in a narrow hallway between the bar area and back room. The machine relies on tokens, which are available at the bar for $4. On some nights, the booth features a leopard print background and palm tree decal that will compliment your umbrella drinks. As you wait for your turn, waste some time at the “Big Buck Hunter II” game located beside the booth. The pictures print out quickly, but the second and fourth squares were either too light or too dark in comparison with the rest.


Photobooth strip stories

February 21st, 2008

For those of you who liked to draw mustach’s on people in magazines and make funny remarks in your grade school books, this web site might be the perfect match for you. A wierd twist on the comic book story line in the form of a photo booth strip. 

When is a photo booth NOT a photo booth?

February 20th, 2008

I’m seeing a growing trend of wedding photographers offering “photo booth” services. However, when I ask them about their photo booth I find out they don’t even own a photo booth and their photo booth service is nothing more than them hiring another photographer (or themselves) to shoot guests in front of a background. Hmmm, I guess their just using a trendy name for their services.  Wedding photographers are not the only group that are involved with this deception. I called an event photography place the other day and asked if they had a photobooth and they told me yes. However I latter learned that they did the same thing that many wedding photographers did.

 Sincerely, Rolland Elliott

Acrylic Photo Strip Frames are Awesome Party Favors

February 20th, 2008

Many people use photo booth rentals at their wedding reception to spice up the night life and give people something fun to do while giving them a party favor at the same time.  However with nothing to protect these precious memories they sometimes get folded up or ruined in other ways. Most photo booth rental companies do not put much thought into the presentation of their product. Here at rent photo we’d like you to know you now have the option to own the coolest party favor frames.  Constructed of scratch resistent acrylic custom made just for our photobooth business, people will be displaying these for years on their office desk, dresser or perhaps as a new car hood ornament. At any rate they are quite flexible. You can use one side as a thank you note, the other side as a table place holder and then your guests can insert thier individual strip into the frame.

Photo booth strip acrylic frame